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April 22 Update

There have been a lot of different emails, texts, calls, etc. circulating rumors about if/when we'll be playing this season.

The simple answer, we still just don't know.  However here is what we do know as of right now:

1.  Our season status is DELAYED, not cancelled!

2. AACO Parks/Recs is essentially closed and not currently issuing any permits to any organization right now, and most likely will not do so until state restrictions are eased.

3. Based on historic issuance of field permits and what we are expecting this season, we could potentially start our season well after Memorial Day, and still get plenty of baseball in!

4. While schools are close, so are their baseball fields.  Many of our lighted fields that we use during the week are HS fields, so we obviously depend on those fields to be able to play our full season.

Like everyone else, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are anxiously hoping for a lift in "social restrictions" sooner than later.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage all Managers to finalize paperwork, and for everyone to continue to monitor the league's FB page or website for updates.

Stay safe everyone!

CMSBL 2020 COVID-19 Update

The Chesapeake MSBL has decided to adhere to the CDC’s recommendation of avoiding gatherings of 50 or more people for at least 8 weeks.  If not extended, this period will end on May 11th.  

We feel that it is important to offer each of our teams their full 20+ game regular season, which we could do with an opening day as late as July 5th and ending date as late as September 20th.   If opening day is delayed beyond May 12th, our plan is to incrementally reduce the scope of our playoff format, which historically runs about 3 weeks with fewer and fewer teams alive after each round, rather than to shorten the regular season for everyone.

While we anxiously look forward to playing in 2020, the health of our players, umpires, families and friends remains our #1 priority.  We plan to offer all of our teams as much baseball as possible once we're sure it that it can be done safely.



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